Number One

C.S. Lewis once wrote a wonderful little book about a man journey through the afterlife. Frm the outset the man is standing on a queue, in the rain, ready to board a train that would eventually take him on the beginning of a journey beyond any man’s wildest imagination (except Lewis’s apparently). I chose ”At the Queue” as a name for my blog simply to remind myself that in my writing i too want to always be waiting to journey heavenward, to always be prepared, and to allow for such travel in my writing, thoughts, and imagination. How glorious a thought to be reminded that as writers and communicators we can, in some small way, near the throne of grace as we glorify God through what we put into our writing. I pray that i truly do glorify my maker in what i put forth for you all to read.

I can promise that you shall often see Lewis references of all kinds, Chesterton referalls, and reviews of literature and music. I hope to be creative and to create something that you will want to check out every now and then and i hope i don’t drift into drivel and self righteous worthlesness. There is nothing more porous and disgusting than a writer obsessed with himself and worse yet, his own writing. If i enter into such banter let me know.

And so i sign out.

Enjoy the Blog.


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