A Question On My Heart


What does it mean to be a christian? In a culture where 80 percent of it’s citizens claim eternal security and heavenly citizenship and yet is permeated with idolatry, things such as sex, cars, and food being specific idols, how can we know what it means to be a true christian?

well, as for me, when an unbeliever asks if i am a christian i want to be able to say this: ”if, by christian, do you mean someone who loves their Lord and wants to be like Him and follow Him with all my heart and life, then yes i am a christian, for their is no other definition worth considering.” And indeed, what other type of christianity is worth pursuing? Chrisitianity ought to be about relationship and as such a relationship with Christ ought to be permeated, in contrast with our society today, with servanthood and a constant gaze upon the throne of heaven from eyes desiring to truly see the Beauty of God.

Do you claim to be a christian?

If so, do you desire to be like your Lord, and are you willing to enter into servanthood and gaze upon the ever beautiful throne of grace?



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