In praise of a rare film.

I wanted to, once again, encourage those of you who actually read this blog to watch Terence Malick’s “The New World” as soon as you can! Go rent it, or better yet, purchase it, then allow yourself to sink into it. Let it saturate you. Experience it.

This film has as much spiritual….beauty and…gusto..(?) as any film I’ve ever seen. Granted, I haven’t seen all that many films, but all the same, this one movie has changed my life: my thinking of the arts, and nature, and people, and God.

It is a thoughtful look at the way people of different cultures interact. And it carefully and truthfully looks at themes such as love, fidelity, forgiveness, faithfulness, nature, friendship, sex, violence, and beauty with such honesty, candor, and purpose that it is at times both brutal and beautiful, and at other times just quiet and beautiful.

It is not a fast paced film, nor is it filled with CGI that will blow your mind. But Malick’s direction and Emanuel Lubeski’s cinematography perfectly suit the purpose and vision of the themes and their development, which is exactly what those elements of film making ought to do. Form is the bridge between the “is” of art and the “does” of art. And “The New World” has it right.

Few directors have so gloriously captured the mystery of nature like Malick in this film. I doubt I have ever seen a film which matches up to this one in that area. Fans of photography, this one’s for you!

Again, I can’t express enough the greatness of this movie. And, for it’s sake, I should stop trying. It may not capture you fully upon the first viewing, but as Clive Staples said, to experience art only once is to be a lazy viewer. (read “An Experiment In Criticism”)

Go. Now. Watch. “The New World.” !


One thought on “In praise of a rare film.

  1. b.mccracken says:

    Nice little plug for TNW. Truly one of the most underappreciated works of film art in the last decade…

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