Favorite Songs of 2007:

So, it’s that time of year again: the time when the top-whatever-lists begin to overload RSS subscriptions, when online companions to magazines publish much ancticipated favorite-of-the-year lists, when podcasts web.mac in the new year with opinions on the past three hundred sixty five days. Oh, the wonders of modern communications techonologies!

Well I, for one, say let the holiday blogathons begin.

The following is the first in a series of year end best-of lists here at besidethequeue. The series will hopefully culminate in an early spring-time, pre-Academy Awards, besidethequeue awards list. Along the way you will see my choices for the best in varius categories of film and music.

For now, here is a list of my favorite songs of the year. Initially, I had planned to include only one song per artist on this list. But then I realized over the past few months that I continue to return to a number of songs by artists who I had already had on this list. Therefore, I felt I needed to include those songs as well.

Some of these songs were inspiring to me, some were fun and entertaining, but I believe that each of these songs exemplifies great talent and excellent aristry. This list should also give some clues as to what albums will appear on my “top albums of the year” list later this month. These songs are in no particular order except that I ordered them in a fashion that they sound best as a playlist. Get out your ipods, load itunes, fire up limewire, and happy listening! Without further ado:

My favorite songs of 2007:

1. Impossible Germany – Wilco (Sky Blue Sky)
2. Time is a Lion – Joe Henry (Civilians)
3. The Trumpet Child – Over the Rhine (The Trumpet Child)
4. Paris is Burning – St. Vincent (Marry Me)
5. My Moon, My Man – Feist (The Reminder)
6. Nantes – Beirut (The Flying Club Cup)
7. No Cars Go – The Arcade Fire (Neon Bible)
8. Fiery Crash – Andrew Bird (Armchair Apocrypha)
9. No Ones Gonna Love You – Band of Horses (Cease to Begin)
10. Refuge – Matthew Perryman Jones (Throwing Punches in the Dark)
11. My Love Remains – Andy Zipf
12. Oh God, Let Me Back In – Southeast Engine (A Wheel Within A Wheel)
13. Falling Slowly – Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Once Soundtrack)
14. Our Song – Joe Henry (Civilians)

15. Snakebit – Mary Gauthier (Between Daylight and the Darkness)
16. Middleman – Bright Eyes (Cassadega)
17. When the Ship Comes In – Marcus Carl Franklin (I’m Not There Soundtrack)
18. Die Die Die – Avett Brothers (Emotionalism)
19. Grey In L.A. – Louden Wainwright III ( Strange Weirdos)
20. Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues – Cat Power (I’m Not There Soundtrack)
21. God is a Middle Aged Woman – Ezra Furman and the Harpoons (Banging Down the Door)
22. 1340 Chesapeake St. – Devon Sproule (Keep Your Silver Shined)
23. Don’t Wait for Tom – Over the Rhine ( The Trumpet Child)
24. I Wanna Marry You All Over Again – Derek Webb (The Ringing Bell)
25. Empty Hearts – Josh Ritter (The Historical Conqeusts of Josh Ritter)
26. Open Your Eyes – Steven Delopoulos (Straighjacket)
27. The Ballad of Love and Hate – The Avett Brothers (Emotionalism)
28. Harder Without You – Tyler Clair Smith
29. Going To Acapulco – Jim James and Calexico (I’m Not There Soundtrack)
30. Meghan’s Song – Matthew Perryman Jones (Throwing Punches in the Dark)


2 thoughts on “Favorite Songs of 2007:

  1. Wow, I haven’t heard most of these. Harder Without You and My Love Remains would definitely make my list. The Trumpet Child hasn’t captured me yet, but it often takes many listens for a song to seep in.

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