So how exactly will the 2007 New England patriots go down in history?

 Author — and Contributor to ESPN and Esquire — Chuck Klosterman has proven once again why he is one of the most insightful and creative culture critics writing today. Recently he wrote a piece for ESPN.com regarding the historic record the New England Patriots football team is about to accomplish. Should Tom Brady and Co. beat the New York (football) Giants (as they are called) they will finish the 07-08 NFL season undefeated, without a blemish and, actually, with very few close calls. As Klosterman’s alludes in his piece, this is a feat made all the more remarkable due to the apparent parody in the league. Free agency has spread the wealth, so to speak, as the teams with the most money are unable to simply stockpile the best talent. Essentially, and thankfully, this renders the NFL New York Yankee-less. The Patriots, while it is true they may have the most talent (though I don’t personally believe they do), they are a collection driven and united individuals, working towards a common goal, with uncommon resolve; they are not the strongest, the fastest, or the most graceful — though they do travel in graceful circles —  but they are the most tenacious, persistent, confident and, at times, cold blooded. And if they win on February 3rd in Glendale, Arizona, they will go down as the greatest team in the history of America’s greatest and favorite sport.    
In his intriguing article Klosterman breaks down what it means to be perfect and what it will mean for the Patriots should they win. Would it better for them to lose. Well, yes? Maybe. Depending on how you look at it. 



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