Christianity Today’s most redeeming films of ’07

Christianity Today’s film critics today posted their choices for the most redeeming films of 2007. And I believe their list for best films of the year is forthcoming.

There are some interesting choices on the list but none come as a complete surprise, though I am surprised at a few honorable mentions that didn’t make the official list.

At #1:

What films do you consider to be redeeming from 2007?


7 thoughts on “Christianity Today’s most redeeming films of ’07

  1. Riley says:

    “No Country For Old Men” spoke powerfully of the reality of choice and the sometimes deadly, sometimes rewarding consequences of choice.

  2. Riley says:

    Yes. I’m into serious irony and hyperbole. I found it redemptive in that anti-sense. I was aware of and wishful for redemption because of the cold hard painful lack.

    I think as a culture we lack authority. We prefer moderation and grayings, saying too often there is no reason why this over that (ex: gays over straights, abortion over not, immigrants over illegals, Christian God over other ones, etc.). An either/or, either way mentality being so far removed from the characterization in the film allowed for my reflections on my own activities. From whence do I derive my authority? Why do I do what I do, or more specifically, why do I stop at what I don’t do? Sugar didn’t have a stop button. Was Sugar wrong for this? Or, was Sugar more consistently applying the set of rules that governed his life. Thus following his own rules perfectly, he did not need redemption. He was righteous.

    The perfectly righteous do not need redemption.

  3. Riley says:

    Probably not most “ever,” but at the top of my 2007. Certainly over Sweeney Todd.

    Sorry, I didn’t see many this year. I just wanted to contribute.


  4. Riley says:

    I take back my “I just wanted to contribute.” I do think the film was redeeming in the anti-sense. The anti-sense is how alot of our culture listens.

    I would also say that Once was a redeeming film in 2007. That they used the time they had for their mutual passions and no more. Though there were opportunities to translate that passion unto one another, they didn’t. Though there was desire and temptation and weakness, especially in the male, they ultimately chose well and did something beautiful.

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