Blogging the Oscars: join the conversation (updated)

Well, here I am beverage at my side, getting ready for the Oscars to begin in a few minutes (8 p.m ET, ABC). I hope that you will grab your own beverage and snack and join me for some good conversation celebrating many of the great films of 2007.

A few things that I am especially looking forward to seeing:

– How will Jon Stewert be as this year’s host.
– Which actresses will win the acting awards. Will Julie Christie win? What about Cate Blanchett? Will either of her two nominations turn into a second Academy Award?
– Will There Will Be Blood or P.T. Anderson win much of anything in the face of No Country For Old Men
– How about Juno? Will the lovable Ellen Page and Company continue to grab at people’s heart-strings?

Here we go!


The show has begun!

I’m not such a big fan of the red carpet festivities, but it is nice to see some of these interviews. Marion Cotillard is such a beautiful actress; it’s remarkable the way she changed herself in La Vie En Rose as Edith Piaf. I hope she is acknowledged tonight for the talent that she is.


They just interviewed Jennifer Garner: I really wish she had been nominated for supporting actress; Jeffrey Overstreet and others have been champions of her role in Juno. It is too bad she wasn’t recognized more.


Speaking of Juno, I love seeing interviews with Ellen Page. She is so interesting and eloquent, no to mention beautiful. The way she carries herself is sort of refreshing.


“Norbit: too often the Academy ignores movies that aren’t good.”



Jon Stewart’s intro monologue was alright. He hit on a few jokes (the above quote for example) and he failed miserably on a few: the Olympia Dukakis joke. The war and politics jokes started off horribly, got better, then ended in poor taste.


First award: costume design.

‘Eh. Ok then. I guess I can’t complain for this, but what did she do that wasn’t the same as most similar period pieces. I bet her four nominations without a win helped her with the voters.


Second award: animated feature film.

come on Ratatouille, come on Ratatouille!!! (very funny intro by Carrell, by the way).


This is a film that might just also deserve a best picture nomination.


Third award: make-up.

This should go to the make-up artists that worked on La Vie en Rose.

And it does!

Absolutely deserving. Their work at turning Cotillard into Piaf was absolutely remarkable!


next up: visual effects.

Expect Transformers.


Wow. The Golden Compass. A bit of a surprise to me. Maybe the first big upset of the night. They sure weren’t gonna win many other awards.


And now: art direction.

go Jack Fisk on TWBB!


Well okay, Sweeney Todd. Deserving.

It’s really interesting to see the number of foreign film-makers who are winning awards in things like art direction and make up.


What a great clip of Danny Kaye introducing the supporting actor award!


The first big award: supporting actor.

Come on Casey Affleck!!!

Even though Bardem will almost certainly win this award.


Yepp. Javier Bardem. Definitely deserving.

Can’t help but wish Hal Holbrook and Tom Wilkinson were more appreciated than they are. Both we superb in their films this year.


Yes, Keri Russell was in August Rush but she was great in Waitress


By the way, I loved those totally useless but hilarious “writer-less” montages!


Nice to Owen Wilson healthy and funny. Next award: Live action short film

I haven’t seen the film but that was a nice shot they showed in the announcement there. Interesting title too.


Great to see the funny references to Rushmore and A Room With A View there.

now: animated short film.

Once again, haven’t seen the film but the animation is pretty neat.


O.K. a big one: supporting actress.

One of the awards in which I am most interested.

I’d like to see Blanchett win not only because she was fantastic but also because that superb film needs more recognition.


Tilda Swinton. She is a great actress and is deserving; her performance was good in Michael Clayton, it’s a fact. The buzz was true.

Have to wonder if maybe Blanchett’s having already won an Oscar worked against her.

Also. That was the speech of the night so far.


Ha. great intro by two great up and coming actors, Brolin and McAvoy: ADAPTED SCREENPLAY.

Expect No Country.


So it is. “We’ve only adapted Homer and Cormac McCarthy.” Good stuff Coen’s.


As I watch these songs from Enchanted I can’t help but look forward excitedly to the song “Falling Slowly” in Once.


Oh gosh! The Angelina Jolie joke! Hilarious!


next up: sound editing

Congratulations to the Bourne Ultimatum crew.

and now: sound mixing

again the Bourne Ultimatum.


UPDATE: the Angelina Jolie joke: they put up pictures of Jessica Alba and Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman all of whom are pregnant and then Jon Stewart pulled out an envelope and said: ” and the baby goes to…Angelina Jolie!”



expect Julie Christie from Away From Her. Could be Marion Cotillard though.


Huge, huge surprise!!! Amazing though! Marion Cotillard was really really awesome as Edith Piaf and this is an inspired choice!

The Academy does recognize foreign films after all.


Yes! “Falling Slowly”. Live! From Once.

Beautiful, beautiful song and a beautiful performance!


Right now they are showing a really great montage of the films that have won over the years. So great to see so many of the faces and scenes that made such magical films over the years.


next up: FILM EDITING.

Bource Ultimatum. Really no doubt about this one I didn’t think. Man, BU, has really racked up on the production awards. And deservingly so.


They are now showing a tribute to Production designer Robert Boyle. Very interesting and very insightful and an extremely justified tribute. Love the references to films like “North by Northwest” and “Cape Fear.” What a career; Robert Boyle is 98 years old and still working. What a career and what a film-maker!

Imagine the changes and things Mr. Boyle has seen in the film industry. He has practically been around since it all began, back in the silent era.


Has fur always been a fixture in women’s dresses?


And The Counterfeiters wins for FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM.


Another song from Enchanted. These are the parts of the show that make the night seem long. I really hope that “Falling Slowly” manages to win the award for the top song.


And here we go, the TOP SONG award is here.

Come on Once, Come on Once….



I would have loved to be in that room with that song soaring through the speakers. Thats so great that Hansard and Irglova won that award. In his speech Hansard mentions how they shot the film on two handy-cams a few years and never expected to be in that room and as he walks away he shouts out: “make art, make art.”

It’s little films like Once, films that rise up from a persons heart and imagination, from filmmakers who spend their own money on their story, that are so wonderful to experience and its so incredibly rewarding and inspiring to see films like that honored as Once was tonight.


Wow! What a wonderful, spine tingling, moment! They let Marketa Irglova come back out and say her thank you! She talked about hope and following dreams. So glad they let her come back out!


Next up: CINEMATOGRAPHY. One of my favorites. I am expecting Roger Deakins for No Country…..


Robert Elswitt won! Yes!!! Love this choice. Finally TWBB gets an award. And Elswitt recognized Jack Fisk, as he should. Elswitt’s images are eery and beautiful and so perfect for the film. Assassination of Jesse James was very deserving too and I wish the film were more recognized but can’t complain with this surprise choice.


Currently: a tribute montage to those passed away in 2007. So sad to see names like Antioni and Bergman (and even Dabbs Greer who so many of us grew up watching on old tv shows like Little House on the Prarie) on the list, and of course, Heath Ledger. That was a well done, though sad, tribute. And it was a nice touch to leave the lights low and fade to black and a break at the end. Cinephiles (as well as common fans) are sure gonna miss these great, great artists. Hopefully their work will continue to inspire new generations of filmmakers.



my choice? Ratatouille or Atonement.

It goes to?

Atonement. Beautiful and lush and mysterious score and it’s hard to argue with this choice. Ratatouille was really lovely though.



Should be No End In Sight based on the buzz.

Wow. Taxi to the Dark side. Pretty surprising.


ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: My votes are for Juno or Lars and the Real Girl or Ratatouille: I wouldn’t be disapointed with either of these three.


Diablo Cody for Juno! Congrats to her. Cody used to be an exotic dancer, now she is a successful screenwriter.

I do wish that Lori Oliver were more recognized for her really sweet and moving script for Lars and the Real Girl. If you haven’t seen this film, see at soon as you can. It’s one of the best of 2007.


O.K. here we go. BEST ACTOR: There is no way Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t win this.



Daniel Day-Lewis!! No surprise really, absolutely the best performance of the year. And what a fabulous, fabulous, speech. Day-Lewis said this of his Oscar statuette: he said that it grew up like a golden sapling of out the mad…mind of Paul Thomas Anderson. Day-Lewis also kneeled at the feet of the Helen Mirren who played the Queen in The Queen last year. She took the statuette and pretended to knight him and he said “thats the closest I will ever come to a knighthood.”

Indeed it did, PT Anderson is a one of a kind, great director, but this was a performance that stood on its own. Congratulations to one of the very greatest actors of today.


Up next: DIRECTOR.

my prediction is the Coen brothers but I would love to see PT Anderson win.


Martin Scorsese to present.


Yessir. Joel and Ethan Coen. Pretty much as expected. I just want to know when PT Anderson will get his.


And finally: Denzel Washington to present the award for the 80th “Best Picture.”

And it is indeed No Country For Old Men. A great movie but of course THERE WILL BE BLOOD should have won! I think so anyway.

I feel for the people who worked on that film and didn’t win more than they did. But such is the Academy Awards.

Alright. Well. There it is.

A few highlights:

– Diablo Cody winning for Original Screenplay.
– Daniel Day-Lewis winning for actor,
– “Falling Slowly” winning for top song and the speeches by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.
– Marion Cotillard winning best actress.
– Robert Elswitt winning the award for Cinematography.

Hope you enjoyed watching the Oscars wherever you are.


10 thoughts on “Blogging the Oscars: join the conversation (updated)

  1. Bethany says:

    This was a perfect way for me to catch up after the drive home. Nice job on calling most of these..

    Maybe down the road blogs will be commenting on a David Kern nomination.

  2. Major Bloodnok says:

    Maybe I should see some of these movies now. I thought 2007 was a rubbish year for movies and I think these awards bore that out. Now 2008 has a few that I’m already interested in, but they don’t look like Academy Award material- unless Mark Snow does an amazing score for X-Files 2.

    P.T. Anderson will get the award when he makes a movie that doesn’t suck. Haven’t seen TWBB yet, but if it’s twice as good as Magnolia it’s still a steaming pile of crap.

    I need to go see Once.

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