Around the www: Coen’s, McCracken, Andrew Peterson, new Brideshead Revisted and more!

1. Jeffrey Overstreet points to some photos of the Coen brother’s upcoming film starring Clooney, Swinton, Pitt, Malkovich, McDormand, and others. Looks pretty good.

2. Brett McCracken has two recent posts worth reading. One on 10 slow films worth pushing through and one about one of the most amazingly strange “art” projects you will ever see.

3. Opus has collected some of the reviews for Portishead’s new album “Third.

4. Over at The Rabbit Room, Andrew Peterson has a few audio tracks of Peter Sandon reading Andrew’s new novel On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. Sounds pretty cool.

5. Christianity Today’s review of Iron Man is up now. They liked it. As did I – my review is forthcoming on Into the Hill.

6. indieWIRE has posted an interview with director/screenwriter David Mamet whose film Redbelt is coming out soon.

7. Over at Past the Popcorn Greg Wright has written a really insightful and in depth review of the controversial new documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, starring Ben Stein, that is about the Intelligent Design debate. Also, be on the look out for my review of the film at Into the Hill this weekend!

8. The trailer for a new adaption of Brideshead Revisted has been released. It looks intense and technichally well made, I hope its true to the book. If so, my dad will be very happy: he is a big fan of the book and the old BBC mini-series. This one stars Emma Thompson, Ben Wishaw, Michael Gambon and others.


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