Christianity Today responds again:

Christianity Today Movies editor Mark Moring has responded to the plethora of negative and slighting emails their readers have sent in, mostly angrily, responding to the site’s review of “Sex and the City.” Thanks to Jeffrey Overstreet for following up on this story.

Quoting one Mr. Clive Staples Lewis, Moring makes a fine case in defense of their critic and their decision to review the film. It’s sad to me that Christians attack one another for such things. Then again, I understand and respect the opinions of those who feel strongly enough to respond to CT in the way that they have. Ultimately, the crux of the matter seems to be founded upon what ones belief is regarding what exactly it means to be “in the world but not of it the world.” How should one examine the ways and actions of the world about us? And to what extent should we allow ourselves to participate in the things in which the world participates? And then also, what role does art have in all this, particularly cinema?

Mr. Moring does a fine job responding to these questions. Though, of course, such questions are not easily answered and a few paragraphs hardly do the job completely. For more, I suggest you check out Mr. Overstreet’s inspiring and beautiful book about just what makes film such a miraculous art form. It’s called Through a Screen Darkly. Find it and buy it and read it immediately!


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