How In Heaven’s Blessed Name Did I Miss This?!

My favorite modern author (perhaps my favorite author of all time) apparently has published a new short story.

Yes folks, a new Wendell Berry story is now available, thanks to a recent edition of The Threepenny Review. The story, Fly Away, Breath, ran in the Spring issue of this year.

But there’s more! In 2007 he had two other stories published. Whitefoot: A Story from the Center of the World ran in Orion Magazine, and The Requirement ran in Harpers Magazine.

According to the note at the bottom of the page, Whitefoot will be appearing soon as an illustrated children’s book! How fantastic!

For those of us who love the world of Port William and the people who dwell there, this is wonderful news. Like being assured that soon you will be able to see good friends or family who live far away. Indeed, to read Berry’s stories is to sit fireside, with a jug of something strong and a pocket full of biscuits, and to listen to the old, wise men tell stories of the past. To read Berry is to be whisked away, whisked away to a place very distant yet at the same time very much home, very real.

If you have yet to experience the joy and satisfaction of a Berry novel then you are surely missing out on a sumptuous feast. Do so, and do so quickly. Pick up a copy of Jayber Crow and be transported.

Again, I’m not sure how these stories slipped past me but I can say without a doubt that my weekend has become that much more delightful!


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