Sigur Ros live for ALL to see!

Today, at 3 p.m. ET, Icelandic experimental, indie band Sigur Ros is offering a live webcast of todays concert from Reykjavic, Iceland, the band’s hometown. They are teaming up with Bjork and the show is being presented by National Geographic Music.

What an awesome idea and a great opportunity to experience one of the most unique and visionary bands performing today. I assume that they will be playing songs from their new album, which you can sample at their Myspace page and is, like their previous albums, absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous.

I, for one, will be tuning in at 3 p.m.


One thought on “Sigur Ros live for ALL to see!

  1. I saw the live webcast of this on Saturday- it was great! Both Sigur Ros and Bjork were fantastic- and I love that Bjork joined in on the highly percussive “Gobbledigook.”
    I just bought tickets to see Sigur Ros in L.A. this October. So excited.

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