Shotgun Stories

I just finished watching Jeff Nichol’s film Shotgun Stories, produced by David Gordon Greene. I will have more to say in a forthcoming review at Into the Hill (look for it later this week), but for now I will simply say that it is provocative, profound, and utterly heartbreaking. Yet it also beautiful, hopeful, and intensely rewarding. It is not a complicated film, either in story or in production, but it is still powerful.

The story traces several weeks in the lives of two sets of brothers, fathered by the same man, who live in the deep south. Since they live in the south, all they do and are is deeply rooted in their family and community. Tragedy strikes when the brothers come into conflict with one another over some sharp and provocative words spoken at their father’s funeral. The film details the repercussions and consequences of that tragedy.

As I said, I will write more in my review. I loved this film and hopefully it will come to theaters or video rental stores near you soon.

Here is the trailer.


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