Around the Web: My review of Shotgun Stories, McCracken in England, Wright on The Dark Knight, More from Overstreet, Berry Audio, and more.

Some tid-bits, odds and ends, and noteworthy items from around the wonderful world of the wide web:

— My promised review of Shotgun Stories is finally up at Into the Hill in this week’s edition of the Friday Film Focus. I review this wonderful, powerful new film in the context of considering community and family in southern art and life.

— Brett McCracken is in England for the 2008 Oxbridge conference, a celebration of all things C.S. Lewis and the Inklings. Sounds like a wonderful and enlightening time!

— Greg Wright from Past the Popcorn has considered the “cultural phenominon” that is The Dark Knight.

— indieWIRE has reviewed In Search of a Midnight Kiss. Here it is at Rotten Tomatoes.

Jeffrey Overstreet has posted the teaser for Pixar’s next film, Up.

— He also has linked to some reviews of the film adaptation of Brideshead Revisited, one of my favorite novels. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the film version, but these reviews are concerning. This is subject matter that is easily destroyed – Waugh was making several important points about class, faith, and relationships that seem to have been left out of the film. Or at least diminished significantly. Oh well.

— Here is the audio for a lecture Wendell Berry delivered for the Intercollegiate Studies Insitute Fall Leadership Conference in 2007.


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