Matthew Perryman Jones covers “The Pearl”

A few weeks ago Matthew Perryman Jones’ fan site Breakingoutthewindows.com posted a link to his cover of Emmy Lou Harris’ song The Pearl. It is absolutely stunning. Gorgeous.

You can listen to it here (and stream a recent show with Peter Bradley Adams in its entirety – and pay special attention to “Meghan’s Song” to which I and my fiancee will be dancing come our wedding day!) via A Bryan Photo Blog. It is number 10 on the play list.

I have had the good fortune, of late, to listen to a review copy of this great artist’s upcoming album “Swallow the Sea.” Once again he has left me floored. This album goes from beautiful to powerful, from pleasant to explosive. It’s one of the best album’s of the year thus far and I suspect that it will remain high on my list come year’s end. Look out for my review at Into the Hill in upcoming days.


2 thoughts on “Matthew Perryman Jones covers “The Pearl”

  1. Vikki says:

    After admiring from afar, (Texas) I will finally see Matthew Perryman Jones perform this weekend. I am beside myself! (smile)

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