Around the Web: Coldplay and Sam Phillips on NPR’s “World Cafe” and Aquarium Drunkard interviews Berquist and Detweiler

Some tid-bits, odds and ends, and noteworthy items from around the wonderful world of the wide web:

— My good friend Tyler Smith – or T Clair, as he is called – pointed me towards this interesting interview with Coldplay on NPR’s program “World Cafe.” They have some really interesting things to say, particularly about how their last album left a lot to be desired and how producer Brian Eno challenged them to be good musicians and not just a “big” band. The result was Viva la Vida.

— While you are there, check out this interview with Sam Phillips.

— Also, thanks to Jeffrey Overstreet for pointing out this very insightful interview with Over the Rhine’s Kerin Berquist and Linford Detweiler conducted by Aquarium Drunkard. They talk about their attachment to their home town and the role it has played in their music and their career, and other similar topics.

— Check out Josh Hurst’s reviews of Louden Wainwright III’s Recovery and Ben Stiller’s new satirical film Tropic Thunder.


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