Fireproof: The latest from the makers of “Facing the Giants”

Here is the trailer for Fireproof, the latest feature from the producers of the sloppily made, and mostly unfortunate, Christian film, Facing the Giants.

This time around it appears that a professional cast (it stars Kirk Cameron, which actually makes it sound like a joke) will go a long way towards making this film better than the previous – though, don’t take that to mean this cast will be particularly good.

The premise is solid, certainly, but like Facing, it looks like it will be pretty preachy – which often makes for a poor film. It sure looks to have some easy answers to difficult questions. Film is an art form of images above all and when stories drift into that “message” realm then the images often become less profound – and the audiences become less engaged and thoughtful.

For the sake of Christian filmmakers and artists lets hope Fireproof deals in some subtly and nuance.


3 thoughts on “Fireproof: The latest from the makers of “Facing the Giants”

  1. Tom and Jen got asked to be in a test audience here in Boston — Tom is a firefighter. They thought it was good. Tom said it was cheesy, but Jen thought that it was cheesy in a Lifetime kind of way, not a Christian-ese kind of way.

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