Around the Web: Trailers – Van Sant’s “Milk,” A western horror film, Another film about an aging artist, and a coming of age film. Huh. Oh, and a movie about ping pong.

Tid-bits, odds-and-ends, and noteworthy items from around the wonderful world of the wide web:

There are a slew of recent trailers available for your perusal. Here are the ones I consider most notable.

1. The trailer for Gus Van Sant’s upcoming film, Milk, is finally out. The film chronicles story of the first ever homosexual elected official, Harvey Milk, and it stars Sean Penn, James Franco, Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch and others. Naturally, the story details the complications and controversy surrounding Milk’s election and subsequent time in office and it is safe to assume that a great deal of controversy will surround the film itself. I am interested to see how many people see it.

For the openly gay Van Sant, Milk represents another foray into the worlds of marginalized subcultures and people.

This year’s Brokeback Mountain? Could be.

2. A few weeks ago I posted about the return of the western film and linked to a few trailers. Well, howabout a horror western film? Check out The Burrowers.

3. What do you think: Derivative or no? It’s called Local Color.

4. Also worth looking at is the trailer for Humboldt County. Promising.

5. Should this be funny? I’ve heard it is, and I’m mildly interested. But satire is the easiest kind of humor.


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