Congratulations to Jeffrey Oversreet!

Today, Overstreet’s new book, Cyndere’s Midnight, finally hit stores! Midnight is the acclaimed follow up to Auralia’s Colors, a hauntingly beautiful – and award winning – fantasy story about a mysterious young girl with a miraculous gift and a wonderful personality.

Those of you who consistently read this blog have doubtless discovered that I often post links to Overstreet’s music and film reviews; the same insightful and beautiful writing you find in those reviews is on display in his novels, though in true narrative form he is able to let his language flow and blossom. Here he proves he has a great ability to construct lyrical, poetic, and moving sentences.

And his stories are equally compelling.

It is evident that Overstreet firmly believes in the life-giving power of art and beauty, and not only does he keep that principle in mind while he writes, but he actually writes it into his stories. Indeed, at the heart of Auralia’s Colors is the idea that beauty can transform, is transcendent, and can be iconic; his story reminds readers that even in the most simple, most plain, seemingly most innocuous of vessels, true life and hope can be found. Or given.

Overstreet’s characters are fully (and confoundingly well) developed, his plots gripping, and his passion for the art form – and his creations – relentless and palpable. This is fantasy literature as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and even Bradbury would have it written. This is the kind of fantasy literature – the kind of art – that can open the mind, the soul, and heart to worlds of experience nowhere else found, worlds we can hardly do without.

So, be sure to go out and grab a copy of Cyndere’s Midnight with your next paycheck.

And congratulations Jeffrey! Thanks for the inspiring stories.


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