Around the Web: New at ITH, McCracken x3, New HP 6 Trailer, T Clair’s Comix, Lurhman, Fincher and more.

– You can read my review of ohn Mark McMillan’s quite-good new album The Medicine at Into the Hill.

Brett McCracken on two indie films that sound very promising: Happy-Go-Lucky and Rachel Getting Married.

– Also, Brett recently commented on Terence Malick’s new Director’s Cut (!) of The New World.

– FirstShowing.net has the international trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Whew! It looks like quite the ride…

– FirstShowing also has new regarding a possible next feature from one David Fincher (Zodiac, Fight Club).

– My great friend T Clair has been very creative of late. Check out iblogodei for his wonderful new comics. Pssst…. his comics will be a feature on Into the Hill soon!

Vanity Fair has an enlightening article on Amy Adams, one of the very best young actors working today. (NB: it is Vanity Fair so let discretion be your guide.)

– Variety has the trailer for the stylish upcoming World War II film, Valkyrie, starring Mr. Tom Cruise, about an attempt on the life of Hitler. Directed by Bryan Singer (Usual Suspects).

– Variety also has the trailer for Baz Lurhman’s (R + J) highly anticipated adventure film Australia, starring Jackman and Kidman. Yes, that score does sound an awful lot like that of Branaugh’s Henry V.


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