The Best T.V. Characters of the Last 20 Years…

At least according to Paste Magazine.

The last few days they have been running a series on their website in which they rate the best TV characters since the late 1980’s. So far, they have anointed #’s 20-5. Presumably, the top 4 will appear soon.

Included in the list thus far are recognizable names like David Brent from the British version of The Office and played by the always hilarious Ricky Gervais; Homer Simpson of, well, The Simpsons of course; Benjamin Linus from Lost, played so well by Michael Emerson; and Hugh Laurie’s famous Dr. Gregory House from FOX’s hit show, House.

Other notable shows represented are Southpark, Family Guy, The West Wing, The Wire, and yes, even Gilmore Girls.

What do you think? Agree? Any characters you would nominate that have been left out?

I for one would nominate any number of characters from Friday Night Lights, but especially Brian “Smash” Williams played by Gauis Charles. FNL is one of the few shows that has depicted a young black man with such nuance and complexity. Of course, also worthy of nods are Coach Eric Taylor as played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton’s dynamic Tami Taylor.

One also hopes that Bill Cosby will appear on the list, if for no other reason than that he can make the most ridiculously hilarious faces.

I certainly do not agree with all of their choices (see Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I do agree, however, that Homer Simpson, David Brent, and Benjamin Linus deserve to be considered top tier characters.

The top 4 should appear soon. Check back for an update in the next few days.

Meanwhile, lets debate: who will win out from The U.S. version of The Office? Jim? Dwight? Michael? My money is on Dwight, though I think Michael is the better character.


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