Into the Hill is bursting with new content!

In the last few days the following have been posted:

Concrete Jungle: A brand new session with excellent folk/blues artist Aaron Lee Martin.

Time Lost or Spent or Not Yet Had: An in-depth essay about the value of “the long take” in cinema by Brett McCracken.

– A two-views review of Ezra Furman and the Harpoons newest effort, Inside the Human Body, by Nick Wimmer and myself.

– An election day special version of Miracle Valley by T. Clair Smith.

– A review of Seeing Things Your Way, The Ineloquent’s new record.

– An interview with Matthew Perryman Jones, who was kind of enough to talk with me.


Be on the look out for a hilarious new comic from Mr. Smith and the latest edition of Ethos R. Newsworthy, both coming this week!


One thought on “New at INTO THE HILL!

  1. Josh Hurst says:

    I just came across Into the Hill this morning, David. Looks like you guys are doing some good work over there– keep it up!

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