Friday Night Lights: Promos and Clips

I’ve compiled a collection of seven promos, clips and interviews from Friday Night Lights which are available below. Playing my part in convincing people to watch the best show on TV (and I don’t even have a question about this). Check out the videos, then, on Friday evening tune your DVRs or your rabbit ears to your local NBC station and see for yourself! If you can’t watch Friday or don’t have DVR then you can head to NBC.com the next day and watch the episode online, for free.

You won’t be disappointed.

1. Promo 1

2. NBC Season 3 Promo

3. This clip from season 3, episode 12 (which includes no spoilers!) is a really wonderful example of the strong acting, production, and writing that makes FNL such a wonderful show.

4. This is a montage of commercials that have aired on NBC and DirectTV promoting the show.

5. If you’re okay with knowing some of what happened in season one, I HIGHLY recommend this well done montage of various scenes from that first season – it basically gives away one key event from the pilot which you have probably heard about already. This is a really well done trailer, that captures the show’s essence nicely.

6. You can also check out the opening from season 1 – the opening credits that is. Featuring Explosions in the Sky, incidentally.

7. I’ll throw in an interview with Kyle Chandler who plays Coach Taylor.


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