Reviews from Into the Hill: Animal Collective and Pale Young Gentlemen

Be sure to check out the new reviews available at Into the Hill.

From Brett McCracken a review of the critically acclaimed new album, Merriweather Post Pavilion from Animal Collective. Excerpted:

The New York band, building on last year’s wonderful Panda Bear side project, increasingly seems to know how to gracefully weave a tapestry of postmodern musical mish-mash sounds—everything from screams to techno beeps to industrial crashes and subtle piano. Merriweather refines their sound and focuses their experimental tendencies like never before, resulting in an album that is an instant 21st century classic.

From SK Pitman a review of lesser known but also fantastic band Pale Young Gentlemen and their record Black Forest (Tra La La):

To my critical ear, at least two tracks on PYG’s newest album Black Forest (Tra La La) closely recall the frantic vocals and jumpy guitars of Franz Ferdinand (unfortunately, more of a complement in 2004) while other tightly-constructed tracks exude the confident pop-sensibility of Belle and Sebastian at their best. (In related news: similar to a back-in-the-day Killers discovery, I was surprised to learn that PYG does not originate from the other side of the pond as parts of their sound might lead the hasty to presume; rather, they hail from the United States of America, specifically her dairy land.

Also available for your perusal is my in-depth look at Friday Night Lights – my favorite show on TV. Ever. As you probably know by now.


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