Writers and their daily routines

My beautiful fiancee’, Bethany, sent me a Facebook message that included a link to a great blog called Daily Routines that explores the way writers write, when they write, and what they smoke while they write through portions of interviews, magazine articles, biographies, letters and other such publications.

Very Interesting. Its great fun – and incredibly interesting for a writer – to read about the ways that many of my favorite authors create: what motivates them, what de-motivates them, and what they do to conquer writer’s block.

Common themes seem to include long walks, pipes, letter writing, avoiding writing altogether and, well, not having routines.

Notable writers included on the site are:

– C.S. Lewis
– P.G. Wodehouse
– Jonathon Safron Foer
– Roger Ebert
– Truman Capoter
– Mister Rogers!
– Emily Dickinson
– Franz Kafka
– Toni Morrison
– John Updike
– Hemingway
– Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman
– Gertrude Stein

and more!


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