Ben Kweller’s gone all folksy on us now


Songs:Illinois has the scoop on Ben Kweller’s forthcoming roots infused, folk inspired Americana album Changing Horses. It drops on the 7th of February.

It’s a bit of a departure but it sure sounds great. I especially like “Fight.” Think banjos and pedal steel and “countrifide” blues guitar work. Think The Avett’s meet Conor. And Kweller, better known for pop hooks and songs about girls, certainly has the vocal range to make this work.

Changing Horses may not revolutionize or redefine blue grass and folk music (Kweller might not actually be the “most important new voice in the genre”) but it sounds, at least based on a preliminary preview listen, that it will be at the very least a solid addition to the canon.

UPDATED: Apparently, you can also win dinner with Ben. But you have to buy the album. So if you’re really into Ben Kweller – well, here’s your chance to eat kabobs or pork fried rice or a t-bone or something with him.


3 thoughts on “Ben Kweller’s gone all folksy on us now

  1. …despite the instruments he was playing, Kweller has always been folky at his roots. He rotates the instruments, but the thread to his music, for me, is his constant, subtly humorous tone. He is laughing with us, laughing at ourselves.

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