SONGSMITH: Seriously? Apparently.

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft has released a new piece of software called Songsmith which allows you to record a song by simply singing the words. Based on what you sing and a style you choose, the program then builds the music for your song.

NPR’s Robin Hilton wrote about it on his blog:

If you can at least sing a melody of some kind, SongSmith can record your voice, at which point it will — get this — compose and perform a band’s worth of music to accompany it, complete with drums, bass, guitars, pianos and so on. You can specify the tone (joyful, sad, et al) and style (jazz, pop and so on) you want.

Check out this absurd, unbelievable piece of video advertising the program (note: the computer in the video is a mac!):

If ever Microsoft was hoping to catch up with Apple in the hipness category they have may have forever ruined their cause. I just don’t think they’re that willing to make fun of themselves. Although, from the looks of the many spoof videos, they’re getting plenty of viral marketing out of it:

Radiohead, Creep

The Beastie Boys

Survivor, Eye of the Tiger

The Times Online have a list of the top 20 Songsmith parodies that includes butchered versions of Weezer’s Buddy Holly, Oasis’ Wonderwall, The Eagles’ Hotel California, and Beat It by MJ.

You can download Songsmith here – so yeah, go ahead and butcher something!


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