Neil McCormick on No Line On the Horizon; U2 on TV

Neil McCormick’s review of the forthcoming U2 album is now available through Telegraph.UK:

“Let me in the sound” is a repeated lyrical motif (showing up in three songs, including current single ‘Get On Your Boots’). The theme of the album is surrender, escaping everyday problems to lose (or perhaps find) yourself in the joy of the moment. For Bono, it clearly represents an escape from the politics of his role as a lobbyist and campaigner into the musical exultation of rock and roll, yet the very notion of escape remains political, if only with a small p. “Every day I have to find the courage to walk out into the street / With arms out, got a love you can’t defeat” is the inspirational bridge in an epic, explosive rock anthem ‘Breathe’, that could be set in Gaza or at your own front door. Scattershot half-spoken verses fire images like news reports from the battleground of life (“16th of June, Chinese stocks are going up / And I’m coming down with some new Asian virus … Doc says you’re fine, or dying”) til he is “running down the road like loose electricity”, tension building in thundering drums and grungey two note guitar riff until it all lets loose in a soaring, anthemic chorus, as Bono tells us “I found grace inside a sound / I found grace, it’s all that I found / And I can breathe”.

Also, don’t forget that Bono and co. will be taking up a week long “residency” with David Letterman next week.


One thought on “Neil McCormick on No Line On the Horizon; U2 on TV

  1. I have a lot of respect for Bono and U2. All the same, nothing on this CD has grabbed me. It is my opinion that this isn’t close to being U2’s best and certainly pales in comparison to their last two albums.

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