Around the web: Overstreet on the Oscars, McCracken on Baehr, Obi Best Video

Jeffrey Overstreet has stirred up quite the discussion about last night’s Oscars over at his blog.

He wrote in response to a comment:

But you know, I’m just so weary of watching great, great movies go almost entirely unnoticed by the Academy. It’s nothing new, but it’s just dispiriting, because so many people all over the world who don’t pay much attention to movies *do* pay attention to the Oscars. When I think about all of the affecting, inspiring, challenging art they’d encounter if only they were introduced to the stuff, it’s continually frustrating. It’s like hosting a global celebration for excellent cuisine, and giving the top awards to the Olive Garden and Applebee’s.

Meanwhile, Brett McCracken comments on what he calls “An Enemy of Serious Film Criticism:” Ted Baehr.

Brett also recaps the Oscars over at Relevant Magazine.

Obi Best has a new album coming out tomorrow called Capades. Tonight, check out her new video for “Green and Whites Stripes”:


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