Susan Boyle: The sensation sweeping the nation(s)

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In case you have yet to see this incredible clip from the hit British show, Britian’s Got Talent, in which the most incredible sounds come from a person – a middle aged, single (and, they remind us, a virgin), unemployed woman named Susan Boyle – who, at least according this audience, is the most unlikely of sources. Quickly becoming one of the most talked about, celebrated people in the world these days, Boyle’s performance on the show, in which she knocked out “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, is drawing passionate praise from critics and fans alike – from Britian to the US and beyond. Heck, her facebook group has well into the hundreds of thousands in just a few days, one Oprah Winfrey has asked for an appearance and Ashton Kutcher even tweeted about her.

The video and the story of phenomenal, beautiful and yes, dare I say, heartwarming. It’s great to watch that smug look on Simon Cowell’s face turn into a trance-like appreciation for the sheer beauty of the work of art. And work of art this performance is. Boyle nailed the song with a moving, rousing rendition of a song long ago made famous.

Way to go Susan Boyle.

Of course, we all know people like Susan Boyle, don’t we? People with great talents but who lack opportunity or resources or who, for whatever unfortunate reason (in Boyle’s case, her mother’s and her own illnesses) fail to see their grandest dreams come true. In fact, we are all that person, in one way or another. Very few of us succeed at achieving any of our greatest ambitions, let alone our most extravagant dreams. We have all had to drop something we love to do or wish to do because life got in the way. And of course this is especially true in this economic landscape.

Many bloggers have written about Ms. Boyle and many of them have examined the ways in which she is the perfect kind of success story for us today, a potential iconic figure for a broken people. And yeah, she is. Rags to riches, Seabiscuit, Hoosiers and the like. Throw her in the mix. But Boyle is also an example of someone who gave of themselves for someone they love, who, knowing the probable ramifications their decisions would cause, dropped their own dreams to help someone else. And yes, she has been rewarded for that. And God bless her more and more.

You and I will likely never see ourselves on TV or on YouTube, the object of a world of media coverage and passionate fans. Most of us will reap the rewards of our good deeds on a much smaller scale. But, we are promised, that should we keep that Great Commandment to Love others, to serve others, we will be rewarded. If nothing else, let a “well done, good and faithful servant” suffice. I may never make the films I’d love to make or write the novels I hope to one day write; I may never travel to places I’d die to see; I may not even live to see a fifth decade. But should I love my reward will be enough. Relationship. Right relationship. With you. With nature. With the Creator. Hey, that’s a dream worth dreaming.

Susan Boyle reminds me to Love.


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