Pixar’s “Up” reviews, Part II

Rotten Tomatoes has begun posting reviews to the forthcoming Pixar flick, Up. And thus far, it has received 100% favorable reviews.

Included among are the following excerpts:

::: From Variety’s Todd McCarthy:

[Up] could easily have been cloying, but instead proves disarming in its deep reserves of narrative imagination and surprise, as well as its poignant thematic balance of dreams deferred and dreams fulfilled.

::: From the Arizona Daily Star:

A Pixar pinnacle. That may seem like outlandish praise, given the animation studio’s sterling tax record. But when was the last time you walked out of a Pixar movie simply giddy, as if you were high on computer-animated pixels?

::: From Empire Magazine:

Up is a more more classic piece of entertainment, which cleaves to the Pixar template of being beautifully rendered, emotional and laugh-out-loud adult funny, all the while capturing the naïve charm of old-school Disney.

There are many more insightful reviews available, so head over and see for yourself!


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