Further Up & Further In…

As many of you know, I work for a small non-profit organization called the CiRCE Institute. Simply put, our focus is to provide vision, tools, and encouragement to Christian and classical educators worldwide. We work closely with heads-of-schools and principals, with teachers and curriculum developers, with home-schoolers and parents, with authors and journalists, with professors and artists. We help educators, in the home setting or otherwise, develop their curricula, train their teachers, develop and fulfill their own goals and visions. We provide books, curricula, and other resources. We believe that education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty. We exist to help teachers and schools instill in their children that wisdom and virtue.

If you want more information on CiRCE or on classical Christian education head over to our website.

But as is true of many non-profit organizations in this current economic climate, 2009 has been a rough financial year. Private schools, especially the smaller Christian schools with which we are so intimately linked, lack the funds to invest in teacher training or in new resources and, therefore, many of our most popular and helpful endeavors are suffering. For example, each year we host a conference on a theme in education. In 2009 the theme was Nature, as in the nature of things (i.e., human nature, etc.). It was our most successful, best reviewed conference to date. But we lost money on it and we aren’t sure whether or not we will be able to put on a conference next year.

Recently, CiRCE released this notice on their website:

Like many not-for-profit organizations, the CiRCE Institute depends upon the generosity and kindness of individuals who believe, as we do, in the mission and vision of Classical Christian education.

Today, we are launching our 2009 fundraising campaign:

If you are in a position to donate even a little, please consider doing so. Your generosity will go a long way towards enabling us to fulfill our mission and accomplish our goals.

In return, we promise to continue teaching, training, and researching. We promise to keep on spreading the word. We promise to continue providing inspiration. We promise that, if you will stand by our side, we will continue to stand by yours. Together we’ll take this mission, this vision, this calling further up and further in!

As thanks for your generosity, we are offering downloadable materials for anyone who makes even the smallest donation. No gift is too small. No gift is too large. Whether you donate $1 or $100 or $1000 there is a gift waiting for you.

In return for your help, you will be able to download talks like Debbie Harris’s popular talk Understanding and Instilling a Love of Beauty, and Andrew Pudewa’s useful and inspiring, Teaching Boys and Other Kids Who Would Rather Be Playing In Forts. You can also download Ken Myers’ talk on how to Re-educate Oneself As An Adult, or Laura Berquist’s insightful talk about Assessing Student Performance.

To get these talks, and others like them, just go here and make a donation of whatever amount you feel comfortable giving. For even $1 these talks are yours.

We appreciate all of your support so far—everyone who’s come to a workshop or the conference, given a gift a gift in the past, or ever read an article or blog online. Your partnership has enabled us to succeed thus far. Now, we humbly ask you to consider helping out a little more.

While you’re at it, please let us know how we can improve. What should we do (or do better) to help you fulfill your goals as educators? In what ways can we help you cultivate wisdom and virtue in your students?

We look forward to working alongside you in the coming years as, together, we go further up & further in. Sometimes the journey is long and the climb is steep, but with every step we’re closer to fulfilling our goals.

With our sincerest thanks,

The CiRCE Institute


I highly recommend each of these talks, and now also available is a book excerpt from Dr. Vigen Guroian’s wonderful and challenging book, Rallying the Really Human Things. The specific excerpt examines the the work of Chesteron, O’Connor, and Russell Kirk and the role they played in the Christian humanist tradition. You can read more about the book at the CiRCE blog, Quiddity.

I hope you’ll consider making a small donation to CiRCE. As the copy above notes, for just $1.00 these talks and the excerpt can be yours and each of them are full to the brim with inspiration and wisdom.

If you want to donate, simply click here.

Feel free to email me any time for more information: david@intothehill.com or david@circeinstitute.org


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