Behind the Queue

David Kern is a literature and film enthusiast and critic, who hopes to learn more about art and it’s life-giving role as icon in life and faith. Beside the Queue is where he writes and discusses art related topics, especially as relates to writing and story-telling.

His film, book, and music reviews can be found at Into the Hill, in addition to this blog. He has also been published at Relevant Online and by a number of other publications.

The name “besidethequeue” is taken from the opening chapter of C.S. Lewis classic novel “The Great Divorce.”

You can contact him at: or


2 thoughts on “Behind the Queue

  1. I can’t find your review of No Country for Old Men. Help, please.

    Also, I just bought Brideshead Revisited and I’m holding you accountable for it being worth the read. So’s you know.


  2. This is Kerry from All Saints in Charlotte. Thrilled to have found your link on Cindy’s blog (Dominion Family). I’m always looking for solid recommendations on books and movies…and I love to read about art and faith!

    And Best Wishes to you and your bride! I saw the photos on your dad’s facebook page. You two make a truly handsome couple.

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